Alexander Litvin

Ames, IA, USA

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Dear hiring manager,

As this is a required text field despite the attached CV, please allow me this space to introduce myself. I have extensive experience in the field of CEA and hydroponics, having both served as instructor for hydroponics courses and consulted small CEA growers. My skill set has been used in leading teams in harvests and day to day production practices in the field, but is also very integrated into research and technological integration into agriculture. Key skills include biofeedback mechanisms for rapid time-to-harvest cultural practices, optimizing nutrient feed for efficient EC and pH control, temperature (air/water) and vapor pressure deficit control and facility uniformity for optimal transpiration and reduced blossom rot occurrence, as well as extensive knowledge on lighting practices and specific crop requirements. As such, please consider my application in two-fold, for the Lead Grower, and separately as a consultant in the redesigning and rebuilding of your facility for better production optimization and ready state for install of machine learning AI systems. I am available to discuss one or both options should you consider my application viable. As noted in my CV, I am also fluent in both English and Spanish as I am a first generation American.

Thank you for your consideration,

Alexander Gaston Litvin