Elaina Eberz Greenhouse Assistant

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I majored in horticulture with a focus in sustainable crop production, with a minor in studio art. My career goal is to become a professional in hydroponic crop production, helping advance the industry in the USA.

I have approximately 1 1/2 to 2 years of experience working in greenhouses. I’ve also enjoyed making art since I can remember, and sometimes practice printmaking in my spare time.

My stint as an undergrad wine studies team member has earned me mentions in a few scientific publications:

Cerrato, D.C., Garcia, L., Eberz, E., Penner, M., and Tomasino, E. Novel compounds in smoke-affected wine using a 13C-labelled smoke source. (In progress)
Cerrato, D.C., Garcia, L., Eberz, E., Penner, M., and Tomasino, E. In Vino Analytica Scientia. Neustadt an der Weinstraẞe, Germany. July 3-7, 2022. (accepted, forthcoming)
Cerrato, D.C., Garcia, L., Eberz, E., Penner, M., and Tomasino, E. Incorporation of 13C as a chemical label for smoke fuel used for smoke affected wine studies. American Chemical Society National Conference. March 20-24, 2022.

In terms of strengths and skills: I can aid in plant production at all stages of growth (from seed/start to market size), aid in basic lab procedures if given clear instructions and guidance. While I work faster alone, I can work as part of a team. I am reliable, and I will put effort into getting a task done completely and thoroughly. I can do research and record data, find information resources to solve horticultural issues (i.e. disease symptoms, signs of pests), have a basic food handling card, have basic skills in Word, Powerpoint, Illustrator, and Google Docs, basic studio art skills (printmaking, painting, ceramics), and can keep a facility clean and organized (sweeping, vacuuming).


09/2017 to 12/2022 Bachelor of Horticulture at Oregon State University

Minor in Studio Art.

09/2015 to 06/2017 Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer at Chemeketa Community College
09/2011 to 06/2015 Diploma at Sprague High School

AP classes and honors recognition.


06/2022 to 10/2022 Greenhouse Assistant at Oregon's Own Tomatoes

Supervisor: Kasey Joynt
Reference Contact: (503) 409-0563

Planted, trellised and pruned tomato plants indoors and outdoors.
Cleaned greenhouse on a daily basis.
Regularly scouted the greenhouse for pests and diseases.
Monitored hydroponic equipment for leaks.
Flushed and cycled water through the fertigation system.
Researched and presented information to improve business operations.
Pollinated tomato and pepper flowers by hand.
Assisted in the installation and reconfiguration of greenhouse equipment.
Cleaned, sanitized, and prepared growing containers.
Took pictures for company social media.
Installed and prepared irrigation tubing.

11/2021 to 06/2022 Wine Grape Smoke Exposure Team Member at Oregon State University

Supervisor: Elizabeth Tomasino
Reference Contact: (541) 737-4866

Seeded, watered, and trellised barley plants.
Treated barley plants with Carbon-13 gas.
Bundled dry barley for transport.
Milled and portioned out barley biomass for analysis.
Washed and organized laboratory glassware.
Swept the greenhouse floor.
Prepared fruit and wine samples for sensory panels.
Tested wine samples for residual sugars.

05/2020 to 09/2020 and 05/2021 to 08/2021 Seasonal Store Associate at The Home Depot

Supervisor: Jennifer Mahoney
Reference Contact: (503) 581-9688

Watered plants in the front of the store and nursery section daily.
Culled damaged merchandise.
Helped unload incoming shipments of plants.
Directed customers to desired products.
Kept aisles clear of spills and debris.
Recommended products and gave planting advice when possible.
Brought products down from storage to refill empty spots on shelves.
Replaced returned merchandise onto shelves.

10/2019 to 04/2020 Student Nursery Technician at Chemeketa Community College

Supervisor: Joleen Schilling
Reference Contact: (503) 399-5150

Watered and inspected plants in the greenhouse daily.
Regularly scouted the greenhouse for pests and diseases.
Aided in the release of beneficial insects into the greenhouses.
Seeded, fertigated, sprayed, and transplanted crops.
Kept the greenhouse and potting shed floors clean.
Prepared lab materials for horticulture students.
Prepared plants for sale.
Cleaned and sanitized growing containers.
Helped receive deliveries of materials.