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Ethan Landry
Horticulturist, Plant Nerd
Durham, NC

Energetic Grower with 2+ years of experience managing a 60,000 square foot greenhouse with Argus environmental control software; 4+ year background in plant propagation with a diverse set of perennials; 8+ years of combined professional and personal horticulture involvement.

Work Experience                                                                                                                                                             

Section Grower           Hoffman Nursery – Rougemont, NC        September 2016 to Present
• Responsible for managing 80,000+ square feet of covered greenhouse – the largest range at the nursery with over $1.2M in plant material. Daily tasks include: irrigation; pruning; mist propagation; scouting; crop & order fulfillment; and general maintenance/sanitation. Accrued job functions beyond Section Grower consist of evaluating incoming propagules from suppliers; collecting & submitting plant samples for pathogen analysis; and advising Head Grower on grow protocols and space allocations.
• Positively adapted cultivation protocols on several consistent problem crops, resulting in improved root & foliage quality, uniformity and survival rate. Gains in crop uniformity translated into reduced shipping labor required to pull an order, displaying an effective understanding of departmental interrelations and how crop issues can compound and create future inefficiencies for other departments or customers.
• Responsible for devising SOPs and training new growers on successful operation of power tools, irrigation BMPs, and how to properly execute automatic irrigation principles to satisfy varying crop needs.
• Seamlessly facilitated a 30% increase of greenhouse production space by updating growing SOPs to reflect changes in technology and environment, thereby maintaining crop quality without necessitating an increase in labor.
• Meaningfully collaborated with Head Grower and R&D Horticulturist to devise plant, substrate, and PGR trials; successfully implemented new substrate with beneficial effects on known problem crops. Firm understanding of research trial fundamentals, scientific method, and quality rating systems; experienced with researching, devising and implementing propagation and growing strategies for new plant introductions and trials.
• Won a company-wide money saving contest with an idea that saved over $3500/year: with the addition of a modern greenhouse with bottom and air heat, two of the older, less efficient heated greenhouses were decommissioned and reallocated for cold frame production.

Production Assistant     Plant Delights Nursery – Raleigh, NC      March 2014 to September 2016
• Strategized with Production Manager to complete production schedules covering 1000+ taxa at varying stages of progression while adhering to lean flow principles.
• Proficient in a diverse array of propagation techniques, including layering, cross cutting, spore & seed, mist propagation, and vegetative division.
• Assisted with the supervision and coordination of 2-3 employees while working in a fast paced environment handling several types of rare and exotic plant material. Gained exposure to researching new plant material to determine ideal propagation method/timing and growing conditions.
• Maintained accurate production and inventory records while transitioning from a third party database to an in-house designed inventory control program.
• Trained by Head Grower to maintain crop health of a diverse group of herbaceous & woody perennials throughout winter months by properly irrigating and scouting greenhouses on a daily basis.

Argus Environmental Control Management (2+ years)
Integrated Pest Management (3+ years)
Cherry Creek Irrigation Booms (2+ years)
Production & Cultivation Management (3+ years)
Heavy Equipment Operator (3+ years)
– Skid steer; Farm tractor; Backhoe.

Biological Control for Greenhouse Growers
– Online course regarding the proper administration of beneficial insect programs.
NC Pesticide Applicator License
FA-CPR-AED Certification (2018 to 2020)
Anaphylaxis & Epinephrine Auto-Injector Certification (2018 to 2020)

Self-taught in Horticulture
2011 to current

Coursework in Political Science
Austin Community College – Austin, TX
2010 to 2012

Additional Information
Fundamental understanding of the following: sole source lighting, automatic irrigation timing and schedules, integrated pest management, pesticide selection and application principles, pruning, sanitation, potting and transplanting, root zone management, nutrient management, climate balance, assimilate balance, mist propagation, basic irrigation repair & general greenhouse maintenance, production-growing-shipping-customer service experience, quality assurance, employee training, SOP creation and revision.