Konstantinos Poulimenos MSc agronomist

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Dear Sir or Madam, My name is Konstantinos Poulimenos, i am an MSc agriculturalist from Greece and with this cover letter I wanted to tell few things about my studies and working experience. I have Bachelor and Master degree from Agricultural University of Athens. For my Master degree I received a scholarship from the University as I passed first after examinations. My studies have focused on pomology. My first degree it’s from the Department of Crop Science and my MSc Degree is on Pomegranate Production and Fruit Quality after juice chemical analyses. During my studies and both my dissertations I got laboratory experience included fruit quality assessments (ºBrix (Total soluble solids), pH, Organic Acids, Phenols, Antioxidants, Sugars, Ascorbic Acid etc on pomegranate juice), irrigation water chemical analyses, soil sampling and chemical analyses, moreover tree leaf sampling and chemical analyses and the interpretation of the results. After received my Master degree I did many presentations of my results and i gave speeches in public about tree production and fruit quality. As I grow at a farmers’ family I have working experience at few orchards such as olives, oranges, chestnuts, nuts and more and that makes me to love agriculture since child. For my MSc thesis I visited a Hermione’s pomegranate nursery – pomegranate orchard. After completed my MSc, I had there working experience with main duties pomegranate production, protection, agriculture advices and sales as i participated as exhibitor at exhibitions to promote and sale pomegranate plants and fruits. After publishing online my Master thesis (which was one of the first ones at Pomegranate production in Greece) a group of investors found me and I became farm manager at a large organic pomegranate orchard with more than 12000 pomegranate trees. My duties were plant production, plant protection, moreover to promote our products to the global market so i attend International Exhibitions such as Fruit Logistica and other wholesalers in Europe. It was a huge experience for me to talk and negotiate with the largest companies of the world and I had very good results and since then I have many contacts of these companies and good relations with many of them till now. With this job I improved my sale skills, I met and negotiate with the largest companies round world and i learn how I can increase and improve fruit buying or sales using exhibitions and in person meetings. My other working experience was at a representative company of a leader Olive Oil Company as Project Manager. My main duties were to report to the Olive Oil Company moreover to traders or millers for each stage of olive oil trading. Making and send the purchase orders, checking daily the olive oil prices moreover visiting traders and millers to check HACCP of olive oil mills and traceability of olive oil. Also i searched for appropriate land for olive oil cultivation. For that reason i checked the climate history, moreover soil and water analyses. Currently I am working as an agriculture consultant and sales manager at an agriculture retail sales shop. With main aspects to advise Landscape Companies, Growers and other clients on issues such as crop nutrition, crop protection and general agriculture issues. The Company also is Agriculture Supplier of pesticides, herbicides, fertilizing products and lot of plant protection products (Syngenta, Bayer, Basf, Du Pont etc.) giving suggestions to growers after Plant Pathology Analysis. Also we are supplier of several kinds of seeds, trees, different varieties of lawn and grass with advices how to grow and protect from diseases. Moreover the company is official supplier of Stihl, Husqvarna, Viking and Victa products and also sells irrigation products. It is a job that i face and solve daily many agriculture problems for every kind of trees and plants.

Moreover we are suppliers, giving advices and sell products against rats, cockroaches, ants and mosquitoes. I wanted to mention that with greek crisis and the general situation in Greece it was difficult to find a stable job. In the other hand i had the chance to change few jobs, learn different things that make me a better agronomist, an experienced agronomist with a broader range of skills and with that I mean I have laboratory experience knowing to do chemical analyses, I worked as farm manager, i have international experience as I did many travels to negotiate with the largest companies in the world, I have office experience as project manager in a large olive oil representative company, moreover at my current job at retail sales and agriculture consultant I meet every day dozens of people and give my advices in several agriculture problems and do sales about their agriculture issues. I believe that i have a complete CV in agriculture. Bachelor and Master degree with a scholarship from agricultural University of Athens and working experience at several and important sectors of agriculture. I am looking for the next step in my career and with my hard work, my knowledge and experience I can help any agriculture company to reach their goals. I could be easily reached via or mobile phone +30 6976599309. Please feel free to call me if you need some additional detailed information about my work experience and qualification. Thank you for your time and consideration in advance. Yours faithfully, Poulimenos Konstantinos MSc Agriculturalist