Leo Gartner Physical Chemist/Analytical Chemist

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excelIR SpectroscopyMass SpecMathematicaplant carepreparation of nutrient solutionsPython (just a little)RStudiosUse of general analytical chemistry equipmentUV-Vis Spectroscopy

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2014-2017 Associates Degre at Bard High School Early College

Associates in Liberal Arts

2017-2021 BA in Chemistry at Reed College
2021-2022 N/A at Cornell University

I was accepted to Cornell for a Physical Chemistry PhD program. I completed all of my coursework and then decided to take some time off to take a break from school and explore other interests for some time. I can take up to 4 years off from the program.


2018-2018 (5 months) Research Assistant at Reed College

Worked under Dr. Jeremy Coate to study the effects of different growing conditions, and especially salt exposure, on the health and gene expression in Arabidopsis Thaliana. I focused on developing new hydroponic growing strategies to grow more plants more efficiently.

2019-2021 Research Assistant at Reed College

Worked with Dr. Miriam Bowring in a synthetic/physical organometallic chemistry group. In my role here I synthesized a novel bimetallic Ir-Ru photocatalyst molecule, began the synthesis of an Ir-Zn analog molecule, and used a lot of basic analytical chemistry techniques to test and purify the synthetic products.

2019-2021 Chemistry Tutor at Reed College

Tutored Intro chem, Organic Chem, Advanced Synthetic Organic Chem, Quantum Mechanics, Thermodynamics and Kinetics, Inorganic Chemistry

2021-2021 Laboratory Teaching Assistant at Reed College

Worked as a teaching assistant for Organic Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory Courses

2021-2022 Teaching Assistant at Cornell University

Worked as a graduate Teaching Assistant for two honors level physical chemistry courses. This work involved grading all student work and running two laboratory sections each week.