Mariana Jardón Agricultural Engineer NFT specialist

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My name is Mariana Jardón, I am an agricultural engineer based in Buenos Aires. I worked both in extensive and intensive crops, and have experience in crop production, market research and  market development.

When it comes to hydroponics, I have experience in both organic and conventional managing, production and commercialization of vegetables (spinach, basil, dill, arugula, lettuce) in NFT system.

I am willing to relocate and gain experience in hydroponics, which is my field of work and my true passion. Feel free to contact me.


2012-2017 Agricultural Engineer at University of Buenos Aires

Gave classes and was a research assistant in phytopathology (Tomato – Clavibacter michiganensis) and hydroponics (NFT technique)

2018-2018 Specialists in GAP at SENASA

Official certification in GAP following USDA standards.


2017- mar 2018 Vegetable production assistant. at Bartlett's Farm - Nantucket, MA

Responsable for all aspects of hydroponic leafy greens production (arugula, lettuce, basil, bok choi, spinach), including seeding, nursing, planting, irrigation, fertilizer formulation, system manteinance, plague monitoring, harvest and sales.

Also assisted in organic production for soil vegetables.

Assisted in general administrative tasks like buying and selling intakes, and compilating information for USDA organic and BPA certifications.

2016-2017 KAM Market developer at Yara International

Identifying prospect users for Key Account segment in fertilizer market all around Argentina, both for extensive and intensive production.

Design of promotion activities, technical symposiums and on field trials.

Technical advisory, post-sales follow up and claims managing and inspection in order to proper damage determination.
Diseño y ejecución de actividades de promoción, técnicas (charlas, pruebas a campo) y de fidelización de usuarios.

Information research (competition analysis, new technologies, etc) and content generation by creating experimental trials networks.

2014-2015 Market Research Analyst at Kleffmann Group

Quantitative and Qualitative market research studies coordination with local agricultural extensive and intensive producers. Market research surveys design.

Technical and statystical analysis of the information and report creation.

Worked for Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Chile, for clients like Dow, Syngenta, DuPont, etc.

2014-2015 NFT Hydroponics assistant at RECIDUCA

Assisted in an educational program for childs in need in the outskirts of Buenos Aires.

Took care of all aspects of hydroponic leafy greens production (lettuce and arugula), including seeding, nursing, planting, irrigation, fertilizer formulation, system manteinance, plague monitoring, harvest and sales.

Gave classes to high school kids in order to teach them the production process.

Generated graphic information and manuals about NFT hydroponic production for kids.

2016-2016 Research and extension trainee at INTA

– Laboratory analysis of quality parameters evolution for compost piles made out of pruning residues in order to evaluate the possibility to use it as fertilizer for horticulture and floriculture in La Plata.

– Extension activities: advisory, on field trials design and execution, survey creation and analysis.

2016-2016 Vegetable production trainee at ESA Angers - Angers, France

Internship in Angers, France.

General on field production tasks (machinery alignment, harvest, corn hybrid tassel removal, irrigation management) for an horticultural farm.
Analysis of possible improvals and created a report on how to improve the areas that needed some review.