Rajyalakshmi Manogna Erra Founder and Production Head / Hydroponic grower

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To the Hiring Manager
I am an Urban Farmer with the dedication to learn, innovate and simplify the process and concept of healthy and nutritious food, minimizing dependence on natural resources. I believe that normalizing the concept of Urban farming and introduction of technology into agriculture is the need of the moment and is going to push us one step closer to sustainable development in all the aspects. I specialize in, Microgreens Production, Vertical faming using Nutrient film technique – using both LEDs and the controlled environment of a Poly-house. The whole process of learning wasn’t easy, from the harsh Indian summers to the pest infestation during the monsoon, I managed to solve all the problems one after the other and succeeded in maintaining the quality
and quantity of the produce. I am very proud to say that our customers have always loved the freshness and quality of our nutritious produce.

I successfully grew all these varieties, namely: Microgreens (Radish, Baby-Spinach, Cauliflower, Bok Choy, Kale, Broccoli and Swiss Chard), Butterhead lettuce, Red and Greed Batavia Lettuce, Spinach, Red and Green Amaranthus, Green and Purple Basil,
Roselle, Coriander, Mint, Malabar Spinach, Green Sorrel and Tomatoes in Controlled Environment and successfully reproduced the results keeping the quality of the product intact.
I have three years of experience with Hydroponics of which I worked with both indoor LED system and outdoor Poly-house systems. I worked with both Flat beds, vertical A-frames and growth bag systems. During my time working in a poly-house, we also worked on a hybrid system which would salvage the light from the Sun as well as used the light from LEDs to increase the production by about 50% in a required area. These roles helped me understand how crucial individual performances are for
organizational goals. I strongly believe my credentials, experience, and work ethic would make me a valuable asset to your company. I hope to have further discussions about the company’s expectations, my qualifications, and my application. In case, you have any further queries please contact me on the number and mail id mentioned.
Thank you very much.

Rajyalakshmi Manogna Erra
+91 8437603858


08/2016 to 10/2018 Master's of Technology in Nano Medical Science at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham
08/2012 to 05/2016 Bachelor's of Technology in Nanotechnology at Lovely Professional University


10/2019 to 01/2022 Founder and Production Head at The Farm Station

● Founded and managed The Farm Station, a Hydroponic urban farming initiative from the scratch, all aspects of rooftop and indoor hydroponic systems, right from construction of the set-up to its
successful growth and harvest of produce.
● Expertise in Poly-house maintenance under controlled conditions such as temperature, humidity and light control.
● Expertise in farming essentials such as EC, pH, plant nutrient requirements.
● Identification of plants-specific problems such as insect attacks, pest attacks, diseases plants and weeds and finding natural and organic solutions to it.
● Expertise in indoor farming using LED lights to grow leafy green vegetables.
● Expertise in NFT cleaning maintenance, leak fixes and hybrid systems to enhance growth of plants and to increase plant density in limited area by 50%.
● 75% customer retention with a 37% new customer base each quarter.
● Package and dispatch of Fresh produce from farm to fork within hours to retain its taste and freshness.

11/2018 to present Quality Specialist at Amazon

Established the basic groundwork of the mapping network in over 15 countries leading to a 10x increase in the mapping efficiency.
Helped create a performance-enhancing reporting template leading to a 30% increase in employee efficiency.
Oversaw data flow, management, and distribution activities aimed at supporting GIS.
Optimized the onboarding process whilst maintaining the quality, productivity and time utilization for the tasks.
Managed over 300 cases per day, maintaining 100% quality.
Monitored and updated maps to ensure accuracy through the inclusion of current information, and compliance with rules and regulations.
Secured and maintained the position of ‘Top Performer’ for multiple quarters consistently.
Designed, developed, and validated road edits made on the geospatial database.
Trained over 100 new hires on the process protocols.