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Timothy T. Visi                                                                                                                                                                                             1934 Sheridan Street                                                                                                                                                                         Port Townsend, WA 98368                                                                                                                                                           Mobile: (360)-670-3246                                                                                                                                                                   Email:                                                                                                                                      Website:


Employment History

Founder/Co-owner & Consultant for Sea Plants Solutions LLC   Port Townsend, Washington                              2012 – Present

·         Custom designed (aquaculture by design) sustainable land based seaweed/macroalgae production & phyto-remediation systems for eutrophic coastal saltwater, estuarine, or freshwater watersheds; integrated nutrient management for RAS (re-circulated aquaculture systems); or any business that require NPDES permits.

·         Full service capabilities such as; extensive knowledge & expertise in county, state, & federal environmental permitting (CWA, NPDES, HPA, SEPA, EIS, ESA), custom designed STC-Systems & project management of projects involved with either RAS facilities (balancing organic loading of animal aquaculture with macroalgae or microalgae production),  or flow through pumping systems from local coastal environments or other contained eutophic water sources, training personnel, monitoring mariponics systems, cultivars development, and markets development.

·         Experience with MS Word, Excel, powerpoint, and statistical analysis of databases, collection of multi-level databases, report writing, and grant writing.

·         Developed budgets up to $4-million for very large scale seaweed greenhouses.

·         In 2013; my proprietary designed Modular seaweed/macroalgae production system named an STC-System (Synergistic Tumble Culture-System); was selected by BioMarine as one of nine entrepreneurs out of thousands of international participants for a aquaculture entrepreneur contest held in Halifax, N.S.

Founder/Co-owner of Umami Sea Vegetables LLC           Sequim Bay, Washington                                                           2008-2011

·         Continued and finalized my research (from my 2002-2008 position listed in this resume) into designing & developing a sustainable, land based, environmental controlled agriculture/aquaculture seaweed greenhouse farm; and development of specialty cultivars for particular products or processes.

·         This was accomplished by phyto-remediating 8-million gallons of the eutrophic waters of Seqium Bay watershed during 2010-2011. We grew twelve different species of macroalgae for human consumption.  (For more information & documentation please go to

Macroalgae Consultant                 Sequim, Washington                                                                                                              2007-2009

·         Designed saltwater macroalgae and microalgae phyto-remediation systems integrated into existing aquaculture farms/hatcheries or existing flow through systems; for biomass production that would be used for drinkable spirits, bio-ethanol, bio-diesel, bio-jet fuel, and bio-energy production projects.

Marine Fisheries Biologist for University of Idaho                                                                                                                             NOAA/NMFS Manchester Fish Research Laboratories                Manchester, Washington                                         2005-2006

·         One of three marine fisheries biologists responsible for R&D of a Puget Sound groundfish brood stocks re-stocking/enhancement project for lingcod, rockfish species, sablefish, halibut, and other flatfish species.

·         Responsibilities included;

o   Rearing developing eggs, smolts and juvenile brood stock.

o   Growing a sustainable production of multi-level LIVE food systems for these developing species.

o   Developing and preparing feed formulas & feeding mature brooding pairs.

o   Developing databases from nutrient conversions and growth rates of each species grown.

Macroalgae Farm Manager and Researcher for Soliv International Inc.                                                                              NOAA/NMFS Manchester Laboratories, Washington    Manchester, Washington                                                            2002-2008

·         Managed a large scale semi-environmental controlled commercial seaweed aquaculture tank farm (40,000-gallons/4,800 square foot footprint farm).  The farm produced 23 metric tons/year (140 metric tons total), while phyto-remediating 31.2-million gallons of eutrophic water/year (188-million gallons total). Main species grown was Chondracanthus exasperatus but four other red & brown colored species of macroalgae were grown.

·         The research gained from the employment with University of Idaho above in which the nutrient rich effluent was the influent of the seaweed farm I was working at; gave me the opportunity to evaluate the organic loading by the fish biomass, and remediation capabilities of the seaweed biomass.

·         From this research; I was able to find the conversion ratio of fish biomass & macroalgae biomass; thus achieving macroalgae production sustainability.

·         This was crucial to my research because it enabled future opportunities in balancing two aquaculture farms together.  By achieving this, animal aquaculture farms could now have an on-site nutrient management/de-nitrification system to phyto-remediate nutrient-rich water; (which is food for the macroalgae).

·         Achieving this (SGC – seaweed growth coefficient); enabled me to present my research to my peers in NOAA & NMFS aquaculture development program to critique.

The following positions were short term/full time contract work

Fisheries Technician      Prince William Sound Aquaculture Corporation (PWSAC), Alaska                                                        2002

·         Responsible for the rearing from eggs to smolts, and restocking of 250 million Coho & Chum salmon back into the ecosystem of Prince William Sound, Alaska.

Environmental Scientist               BBL Inc.                                Boca Raton, Florida                                                                           2000

·         Environmental monitoring of wetlands for species diversity for mitigation projects for subdivision projects; monitored water & soil borings for the affects of petroleum contamination; supervised drilling operations for new wells; and maintained contractor relationships.

Industrial Wastewater Treatment Facility Manager        AO Inc.   Ft. Lauderdale, Florida                                                         2000

·         Operated and maintained a 250,000 gallon/day commercial wastewater treatment system using chemical flocculants to adhere to NPDES permits requirements for an industrial laundry operation.

Marine Fisheries Biologist          International Pacific Halibut Commission (IPHC), Washington                                             1999

·         Collected biological & technical data on halibut boats in Gulf of Alaska.

Marine Fisheries Lecturer           Freelance            Nationwide                                                                                               1999 – 1990

·         I wrote and finished a book that has not yet been published called The Observer.  A narrative/documentary book on world fisheries practices, explained through the many cruises/trips I performed as a marine fisheries biologist (fisheries observer); most of which has already been presented in slide show lectures to audiences nationwide.

Marine Fisheries Biologist          State of Florida/Department of Environmental Protection                                                      1998

·         Observer & port sampler position performed upon daily sport fish boats or marina sampling of daily catch.  Collected biological and technical data on species caught, information on fishing effort & captain logs.

Domestic Fisheries Observer     NMFS    Seattle, Washington                                                                                               1996 – 1990

·         Accomplished twenty contracts (3 – 6 months duration) as a marine fisheries biologist/fisheries compliance representative on board domestic commercial catcher & factory fishing vessels in Bering Sea, international zone of the Bering Sea, Arctic Circle, Gulf of Alaska, and the North Pacific Ocean.

·         Responsibilities involved monitoring and collecting a large & multi diverse database on fishing effort, estimating catch size, scrutinized the vessel’s fishing & production logbooks, chemical or oil discharges incidents, scrutinize safety conditions; discuss potential violations with captains, fishing masters, or owners of fishing companies, and write final reports that sometimes included affidavits.

·         In addition; it included monitoring for sea life & fishing gear entanglement, species identification & biological samples collection, marine mammals, seabirds, and ocean debris sightings.

·         Position required working in dangerous conditions such as; fishing vessels operations in adverse weather conditions (typhoons & hurricanes), sub-zero weather, long hours, and problematic crewmembers.

Consultant/author          Alaskan Marine Foundation       Anchorage, Alaska                                                                               1996

·         Authored paper entitled “Bycatch Summary of the Alaskan Domestic Groundfish Fisheries”. Compiled six years of Observer work describing un-sustained fishing practices allowed at that time by loopholes in the regulations.

Port Sampler     Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife Astoria, Oregon                                                                                       1996

·         Marine fisheries biologist identifications of sea life, biological samples & technical data collection, sampling delivered catches by commercial fishing vessels at seafood processing plants.

Marine Mammal Observer          Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission   Astoria, Oregon                                             1992

·         Marine fisheries biologist deployed on small salmon gillnet boats during night time operations at the mouth of the Columbia River and Pacific Ocean, for marine mammals sightings and fishing gear interactions.

Fisheries Technician      Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife Astoria, Oregon                                                                        1991

·         Surveyed salmon streams, and collected biological samples of king, coho, and chum species in lower watersheds that emptied into the Columbia River; which also included biological samples collection.

High Seas Squid Driftnet Observer          NOAA/NMFS     Seattle, Washington                                                                           1991

·         One of 100 marine fisheries biologist worldwide to be placed on board Japanese commercial fishing factory vessels; as the only English speaking person to spend almost 5-months at sea, in the international zone of ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­the North Pacific Ocean. The databases we collected & the detailed reports compiled, were used by United Nations to impose sanctions against these nations (Japanese, Korean, & Taiwanese).

·         Responsibilities and working conditions were the same as the domestic fisheries position mentioned previously (1996-1990) but; did not include the responsibilities as a fishery compliance representative.

High Seas Squid Driftnet Observer          NOAA/NMFS     Seattle, Washington                                                                           1990

·         One of 21 marine fisheries biologist worldwide to be placed on board a Taiwanese fishing factory vessel as the only English speaking person to spend almost 5-months at sea in the international zone of the North Pacific Ocean. The data we collected & the detailed reports compiled were used by United Nations as described above dealing with Japanese fisheries.  Responsibilities and working conditions were the same as the domestic fisheries observer positioned mentioned earlier. But did not include compliance representation.

JV Foreign Fisheries Observer   National Marine Fishery Service (NMFS)    Seattle, Washington                                            1990

·         Marine fisheries biologist/fisheries compliance representative on Japanese commercial fishing factory vessel in the Bering Sea.  Responsibilities were similar to the domestic fisheries position noted earlier between 1996-1990 time periods.

Fisheries Technician,     Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife                 Portland, Oregon                                                        1989

·         Small boat handling; radio transmitter work with salmon; and species diversity net collections during night time high vessel traffic on the Williamette River in the Port of Portland.

Aquatic Invertebrate Zoology Technician,            Klamath Falls, Oregon                                                                                         1989

·         Monitored freshwater streams for species diversity involved with compliance of the hydroelectric dam in Klamath Falls, Oregon.

Fisheries Technician,     U.S. Forest Service,        Welches, Oregon                                                                                                   1989

·         Salmon stream enhancement/restoration project on the Colowash River in wilderness area of Mt. Hood.

JV Foreign Fisheries Observer   National Marine Fishery Service (NMFS)    Seattle, Washington                                           1989

·         Marine fisheries biologist on Japanese commercial fishing factory vessel in Bering Sea. Responsibilities were similar to the domestic fisheries job position noted earlier.

JV Foreign Fisheries Observer   National Marine Fishery Service (NMFS)              Seattle, Washington                                 1988

·         Marine Fisheries Biologist on Korean Commercial fishing vessel in Bering Sea, Alaska. Responsibilities were similar to the domestic and high seas squid driftnet fisheries job position noted earlier.

Second Mate/Operator        Perry Oceanographics Inc.        Riviera Beach, Florida                                                                      1987

·         Operated a 70-foot research ship on a round trip journey from Riviera Beach, Florida to Cape Haitia, Haiti; to delivery supplies for a NOAA aquaculture project.  This lead into a second job position as a aquaculture technician position with Perry Oceanographics & CMRC (Caribbean Marine Resource Center).

Aquaculture Technician Perry Oceanographics Inc. & (CMRC) Caribbean Marine Resource Center

·         Aquaculture technician on a private isolated island for research & development of manipulating freshwater tilapia to saltwater tilapia production systems to be used to offer third world countries an economical way to achieve protein.

Seafood Inventory Manager       Triple M Seafoods Inc., Pompano Beach, Florida                                                         1982 – 1980

·            Identification of marine fish & invertebrates from Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic Ocean, and the Caribbean.



1998 & 1999             Hazwopper Certification (Hazardous material handling & remediation)                                                              1997          Advanced Aquaculture Techniques at Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute    Ft. Pierce, Florida                                1987            Bachelor’s in Biology  Kent State University     Kent, Ohio                                                                                                           1980 & 1982   Volunteer Lemon Shark Research with University of Miami & National Science Foundation.                         1982            Advanced Open Water SCUBA                                                                                                                                          1980              SCUBA